January 25, 2017 @ 8:00 pm – 11:00 pm
£5.50 adv
Crushing Death

People of Cambridge, we have listened and learned. We now know that what you want in bleakest January is dark electronic music that refuses to soothe in any way. We aim to deliver this to you for 2017…

Necro Deathmort

Britain’s most and/or least meta group drown doom riffs in lakes of murky synth, before dragging them onto shores of gnarled interference. Upmarket sounds emanate from the cheapest equipment available, usually at pointless volumes. Though, extreme contrarians that they are, by the time of this they may have completely switched tracks and gone all folk-disco, or something.

Cam Deas

Last time Cam Deas was in town he was peddling an incredible line in 12-string outer-shredding. More recently he’s been using that same guitar as a method of triggering synths and manipulating the sounds of the strings, creating other-worldy, piercing crackles, and drawn-out sonorous clangs that ring out across the uncanny valley. Expect the pre-emption of the sounds of your connected home as it gains sentience.

Twenty Three Hanging Trees

Late-night, low-frequency rumblings and slow, melodious buzzings from Xavier Watkins’s (Fuzzy Lights, Violet Woods) modular investigations.

plus, site-specific performances from possible area and Lo Batt.

Part of Independent Venue Week

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NECRO DEATHMORT + CAM DEAS + 23 HANGING TREES (Independent Venue Week Show)

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