Under the current government roadmap it is hoped that we are allowed to re-open from the current lockdown on 17th May, however there will still be social distancing, table service and the rule of 6 in place.

Under social distancing rules our capacity goes from 200 to around 25 and when you consider the measures needed to ensure the safety of our artists, staff and customers most events become financially unviable but might suit a theatre, comedy or cabaret style show.

The proposed date of 21st June is when we should be able to put on more traditional, standing gigs and nearer our full capacity, though we think it will be prudent to budget more for around 150 than our previous capacity of 200 people.
We still expect some restrictions and procedures in place and await feedback from government and trade bodies on guidance going forward.

Hiring the venue

We are an 18+ venue and hire to individuals, promoters, groups and clubs for all kinds of gigs and events.

We generally do not book individual bands ourselves.

To hire the venue follow these 3 easy steps:

  1. Check out our Frequently Asked Questions section for prices, policies and general info.
  2. Check availability on our Upcoming Events pages (we book everything straight onto this calendar. TIP: Change the view from ‘Posterboard’ to ‘month’ for easier checking)
  3. Fill in this form and we will get back to you as soon as we can:


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