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Sam's Beer Blog

Muses from our bar manager, part-time wrestler and beer enthusiast Sam on all things hops and barley related.

Sam’s Beer Blog: 12 Beers of Christmas

When it comes to Christmas, I’m generally a bit of a Grinch. If I had it my way, crimbo decorations would go up Christmas Eve and be down on Boxing Day. I realised that I haven’t written a Beer Blog in a while, and with the C word rapidly approaching, what better subject to base a beer blog on? Here are 12 great tasting, somewhat festive beers that you can confidently order at the Portland while all the seasonal drinkers are taking forever to order. It might sound something like this: “A pint of beer, a… 1, 2, 3… 4 …

Sam’s Beer Blog – Real Ale

For the most part, my beer blogs have been focused around craft beer, because that’s what I’m passionate about. I’m also a long-time real ale fan. I went to my first Cambridge Beer Festival at 19 years old (13 years ago, although the hairline would suggest longer). I have loved real ale ever since, as do our gig-goers. No matter what great, unique craft beer cans we have in the fridge, gig-goers will always spot the ale pumps first. A lot of people look for buzzwords: if a beer has the words “golden” or “hoppy” on the badge, it’s guaranteed …