January 9, 2016 @ 7:30 pm – January 10, 2016 @ 2:00 am
£8 Door

Huge gig to celebrate the birthdays of Gaz Jones and DS… we have a superb line up of some of our fave UK acts…
MC iPod and Alex Wonk mini pre-Wonk set
(subject to tweaking)

A gauranteed stonking night out to fight those January blues indeedy. We will have some DJ’s and will be mixing things up a little… may try to have some acoustic acts in the main bar between the louder acts and there could be raffles, food and other stuff. We shall secure a late licence so we can party into the wee hours and dance our party pants right off our anti hipster hips.

Looking at early doors, some kind of buffet for the early arrivals and great music from start to finish.

I will add more about the bands soon… but WONK UNIT are just going from strength to strength and getting more popular by the gig… touring with Slaves this Winter… they will be coming down to earth at a small venue here… FORMER CELL MATES have been big faves of mine for many years and have played here a few times, but not for awhile… they broke up and moved away… they moved back and got it on again… their set at this Summer’s Out Of Spite Festival was by all accounts a rip roaring triumph.

Two Peas From The Pod is Steve and Rob from Vanilla Pod being incredibly serious and channeling Propagandhi through the style of Les Dawson (ask your parents). Biscuits for Bears feature birthday boy Gaz on drums and play a superb controlled musical riot of indie rock with nods to Pavement, Devo and Guided By Voices… every song takes you someplace different and yet by the end you feel you have witnessed a true cohesion of musical majesty. We Grow Beards… from Dorking, like the soundtrack to Horrible Histories with added anti-fascism and pro-uprising of the underclasses… but funny. They have been deceased for some years, but have agreed to sit in a room a few times and practice to get ready to play this. We appreciate it. Second In Line are here on a promise… I heard them a few months back, loved their snotty fun punkcore style and said I would put them on with Wonk Unit if they were were booked to play here… (I may have said this to another band also… I don’t drink anymore and get confused)… we got Wonk, I “tracked” down Second In Line…

And that is it… for now.

Get there early, chill out and have some scran…

We may have a “Empty yer cupboards for the hungry” door policy where you have to bring a tin/jar/packet of food which we can donate to homeless folk/soup kitchens via a bonafide local charity…

Tickets? Tickets? No tickets… plenty of room for all those that want in… if it IS looking a bit busy closer the time we will scrabble together an advance list, but the price will be the same on the door on the nigh

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