*POSTPONED* Indietones 11th Birthday Bash

March 27, 2020 @ 7:30 pm – 11:00 pm
Matt Fox-Teece

*This event has been Postponed. New date and ticket announcement to follow*

12 years old. How has this been allowed to happen? We’ve seen and done things no 12 year old should ever witness. Bill Wyman’s wives have had it easy compared to us. Still, I suppose it deserves some sort of celebration. Our now vaguely notorious annual shindig!

Over the last few years these have produced some wonderful memories. Last year at a sold out Storey’s Field, being welcomed onto the stage by a buxom enchantress in a shopping trolley, freshly stolen from the adjacent Sainsburys. The year before, Tones Uberfan Claire jumping on stage with us, weilding a wrapped present that looked suspiciously like a dildo. Disappointingly, it wasn’t. And who can forget 2016, when “5th Tone” Mark Ellis vomited into a bin. Great memories, let’s make some more together!

We’re taking it back to Cambridge’s premier live music venue, The Portland Arms. It’s more our scene. Plus they’re properly geared up to deal with 200 drunken moshing morons. No offence.

And once again, it’s all in the name of raising some readies for charity. All profits will be winging their way to the brilliant folk at MIND, who do sterling work providing help and support for people suffering from mental health issues. It’s all courtesy of our Giraffe necked buddy Mark “Tuckshop” Pawley. Last year he raised a staggering 10k by running the London Marathon. This year, he’s not only running it again, but he’s also running the Brighton marathon. In the same week. All this from a bloke who’s unable to run a bath unattended, let alone 2 marathons. What a legend.

We’re going to reprise some old skool Tones hits that we haven’t performed for years, and we’re going to let you choose them, so keep your eyes peeled in the near future.

Tickets are 12 quid each. You can get them from the link on this event page. Don’t hang around, we sold 270 tickets last year in under 2 weeks. Smaller venue this year, numbers limited at 180, so be quick!

We’ll see you there, and thanks again for all your support. 😘