December 9, 2023 @ 8:00 pm – 11:30 pm
£9.80 advance, £12 door
Tom Stanford

Cambridge Electronic Music is thrilled to present a heightened quad surround-sound show within a stunning immersive visual experience! Featuring three deeply intricate live AV sets from Waterflower, Stormfield and Force Majeure… expect a high-octane sensory fusion of avant-pop, hyperpop, techno, industrial and experimental dub with smouldering bass, mind-bending synthetic textures and otherworldly live foley sound design… to syphon audiences through into another dimension!


Waterflower is the experimental project of multi-faceted eco-futurist artist Sabīne Moore. Using plants and mushrooms as instruments, the Riga, Latvia-based artist explores the world of the avant-garde and its borderless terrains, taking electronic music to interesting dark places both in sound and subject. Through Waterflower’s sound, they create a unique blend of avant-pop, hyperpop, and digital hardcore, and create music that speaks to the urgent need to protect and preserve our natural world. In addition to their raw and powerful music, Waterflower’s live shows feature synced video animations, creating an immersive and multi-sensory experience.

Waterflower’s roots in the underground music scene go back to 2006, when they first gained recognition as bedroom pop and noise act Kroffork, releasing their music for free on last.fm. As one of the first female solo acts in electronic music in the Latvian underground, Sabīne Moore has been making a name for themselves for over a decade.

With a critically acclaimed album (nominated for two Latvian Zelta Mikrofons awards) and a music video selected to compete in the Riga IFF Baltic Music Video competition, Waterflower is an artist to watch out for. They are not only a musical talent, but also a visual artist whose work can be exhibited in galleries as well as discovered in underground clubs.

In addition to their work as Waterflower, Sabīne Moore also performs as drag king Bill Lagoon.


Stormfield was schooled in the nascent strains of LFOAphex TwinBlack DogAutechre and the early infections of dark, techy jungle like Photek and Source Direct. A 4-year stint living in Brixton (south London) and its colossal dub soundsystems left him with a permanent need for crushing basslines, while electro influences lent elements of acid and glitched out textures. All of these have left a permanent impression on his approach towards music ever since, partly leading to the creation of Combat Recordings in 2004 to further the sound.

Force Majeure is one of the latest musical projects from Nick Ronin, a London-based audio/visual artist with over twenty years of gigs and artistry behind him. This project is a new stepping stone in the artistic career of someone who was born from the more rave-orientated British underground DIY scene. Here, the lack of a dancefloor focus provides a good opportunity for him to explore the more experimental and abstracted side of his musical tastebuds.

Although a devoted fan of synthesis, this project is chiefly concerned with how far recorded audio – vocal noises and foley-style sounds – can be manipulated and processed into thoroughly electronic realms. Bar a few obvious analogue synth sounds, all of the final Force Majeure output is the result of granular, spectral and effect processing and all of the sounds have been performed and recorded by the artist at home.

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