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Johnny Cage & The Voodoogroove, Balothizer, HubCap, Justin Thyme
Feb 23 @ 8:00 pm – Feb 24 @ 12:00 am
Johnny Cage & The Voodoogroove, Balothizer, HubCap, Justin Thyme

The sixth in a new season of benefit gigs for next years Scarecrow Corner at Strawberry Fair on Saturday 2nd June, 2018 and will mark the 21st anniversary of the area!

We welcome Johnny Cage and the Voodoogroove back to Cambridge having headlined the Scarecrow Corner stage in 2016 and played at Boomtown Fayre, Secret Garden and a host of other festivals since.
Hailing from the bayou’s of Cardiff, this gargantuan Rock & Roll Juggernaught forged it’s magic in the blood of madness with fire & rattlin’ bone passion & the sweet sweat of sacrifice to the burning beast of electric Boogie, Punk fueled Cubana Soul, Rockabilly, Swamp Funk, Garage Blues & the essence of the roots of the rebel rouser. The Voodoogroove, driven by a dog headed whiskey spirited determination that could make the dead dance, take the stage like an electrified rhino stampede wrapped in the loins of a 50ft Go-Go dancer about to give birth to Rock & Roll itself. They live & die on the note of the moment in the almighty bid to make an audience lose it’s mind completely, forgetting past, forsaking future & erupting in the all consuming now. Now for one. Now for all. Now forever.

Balothizer are an Electric Power Trio formed on the streets of Haringey, North London. Having been active in the Cretan Folk scene for years, the concept of this project was to bring the traditional music and poetry of Crete and breathe into it a modern and powerful heaviness, creating an edgy and ethereal new sound……. Cretan Punk. Over the last couple of years, Balothizer have embarked on a series of high-powered shows, tours and festival dates across Europe, delivering their unique sound with an energy and ferociousness that has built them a strong and loyal following – a following who together with the band came up with the tagline that now defines this unique and powerful genre of music……
Cretan Music from Hell

Hubcap are a Northampton based rock blues psychedelic two piece band. With vampin electric slide and rockin guitar riffs and Dans ‘Mitchel/Bonham’ influences, they’re definitely not a duo to miss……………

Spoken word bardcore. Justin Thyme has been Raising The Arwen in Northampton and many other places for many years – a true rock n roll raconteur…..

Tribazik plus Lacertilia plus The Skraelings
Mar 23 @ 8:00 pm – Mar 24 @ 12:00 am
Tribazik plus Lacertilia plus The Skraelings

The seventh in a new season of benefit gigs for next years Scarecrow Corner at Strawberry Fair on Saturday 2nd June, 2018 and will mark the 21st anniversary of the area!

The welcome return of Tribazik who headlined Scarecrow Corner in 2014. It will be exactly a year to the day since their van broke down on their way to a benefit gig for us!! Let’s hope its doesn’t happen again!!
They have worked with the likes of Killing Joke and have blasted through Boomtown and Alchemy festivals. Inspired by an eclectic taste in music (industrial, experimental, electro, techno, thrash and roots), TRIBAZIK’s aim is to create an energetic, solid sound combining organic drums and bass and heavy guitar with contemporary electronic sounds and effects- bridging the gap between metal and electro/dance. All samples are played LIVE (triggered from pads around the drum kit) and include vocal chants, acid lines, industrial thuds, caustic pulses and sirens. These, accompanied by freestyle bass, heavy groove/melodic guitar and manic drums, create the high-energy idiosyncratic TRIBAZIK sound.

First Cambridge gig from Welsh psychedelic grebo’s, Lacertilia. Bridging the gap between Hawkwind and Black Sabbath, an interstellar wave of heavy rock. Very heavy, very hairy with glitter and rubber gloves, Lacertilia are fucking awesome…. Heavily involved in events like Surplus Festival etc, check out their album ‘We Are Already Inside Your Mind’…. Cause they are….

A 5-piece Essex-based band of noise deliverers, with roots in the 70s punk explosion.
Established in 1990, they blazed a three year trail across the stages of squatted parties and free festivals before summoning themselves into the timely now.
Their ‘Good Medicine’ EP is produced by Rat Scabies and Bob Earland.

Strawberry Fair Benefit
Apr 19 @ 8:00 pm – 11:00 pm

Strawberry Fair Benefit, bands TBA

Strawberry Fair Benefit
May 17 @ 8:00 pm – 11:00 pm

Strawberry Fair Benefit, bands TBA

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