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RockSoc presents: Crepitation, Thy Flesh Consumed, Bludgeon
Dec 1 @ 7:30 pm – 11:00 pm

Cambridge RockSoc proudly presents its Countdown to Xmas Death Metal/Grindocre Extravaganza featuring:

CREPITATION (Brutal Slam Death Grind)
Death/Slam legends and masters of the wobble box, the UK’s own Crepitation play Cambridge for the first time! With over 10 years of history, and featuring alumni from Cancerous Womb and Amputated amongst others, Crepitation come highly recommended, especially if you love horses and think they are the best of all the animals…

Coming from the rather nice city of Norwich, Thy Flesh Consumed are a brutal slam band of the heaviest kind. They like Rod Stewart apparently. Can’t go wrong there!

BLUDGEON (Brutal/Tech Death Metal)
Hailing from the darkest corners of Essex, Bludgeon are a three-piece Death Metal machine of brutal heaviness. New album ‘Devoted To Lunacy’ out soon

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