Sam’s Beer Blog: Vegan Beers

In 2018, breweries must accommodate for several dietary requirements, should they wish their beer to be consumable for everyone. More and more people are seeing the benefits of going vegan, which in the past would have limited the range of beers that they would be able to drink. Nowadays the amount of beers that are indeed suitable for vegans is vast, which is surprising, as not all breweries advertise the fact that their beers are vegan friendly.

Unfortunately, the only vegan friendly draught lager that we stock at all times is Amstel. We regularly stock Hop House 13 on draught, which is vegan friendly. We’re also going to be swapping the Noble for Birra Moretti, which is suitable for vegans, in the near future. Elsewhere, Aspalls Harry Sparrow cider is vegan friendly, as is Guinness, which is a recent occurrence.

Our two longest serving bottled lagers: Corona and Peroni Nastro are both suitable for vegans, as are Sierra Nevada Pale Ale and the Brewdog range, of which we stock Punk IPA, Vagabond (which is also gluten-free), Elvis Juice (grapefruit-infused IPA), Slot Machine (red rye IPA) and Clockwork Tangerine, which is a delicious tangerine-infused pale ale.

If a vegan is looking for something non-alcoholic, we offer Brewdog’s Nanny State, as well as Bitburger Drive, which even has isotonic effects if you are on a health kick.

Now on to my prized section: the canned beers. The entire Brewdog core range is vegan friendly, of which we stock Neck Oil, Gamma Ray, Lupuloid, Smog Rocket, as well as the new Bloody ‘Ell, which is a very tangy blood orange IPA. The Magic Rock selection is suitable for vegans: High Wire (pale ale), Common Grounds (coffee porter) and Fantasma (gluten-free IPA). Brewboard beers are also vegan friendly: Turmoil (light copper IPA), Cardinaldred (interesting amber ale) and Lakota, which is a 5.1% American pale ale that just so happens to be our craft beer of the week.

Elsewhere on the canned-beer front, we have the ever-popular Adnams Dry-Hopped Lager, Charlie Don’t Surf which is an American style wheat beer” more refreshing than the smell of Napalm in the morning”, the notorious witbier Hoegaarden, Meantime’s Yakima Red and Dutch brewery Kees’ Citra Pale Ale, all of which are vegan friendly.

As I previously explained, a surprising amount of beer is suitable for vegans; the breweries just don’t shout about it enough. The extensive range of beers we stock is now complimented by our new vegan Barrel & Stone pizzas too. Hopefully this Beer Blog has provided you (should you indeed be a vegan) with a wider range of choices down your local.