Here’s an interesting statistic: the number 6 best-selling craft beer in the UK right now is Brewdog’s Nanny State. It’s a surprising fact considering it boasts an ABV of 0.5%.

The “low and no alcohol” market has exploded over the past year, with record sales over January due to the amount of people going dry for the month. A couple of years previous, drivers had gotten used to Becks Blue being their only option for non-alcoholic beer. Nowadays there are so many great low-alcohol beers on the market that Becks Blue has almost faded into obscurity.

At The Portland we are very proud of our “low and no” range. The first addition to our shelf is Erdinger Alkoholfrei. It’s a smooth weißbier with an ABV of <0.5%, but what sets this beer apart is its isotonic properties. Erdinger Alkoholfrei contains vitamins B9 and B12, which have positive effects on the human body. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, you could drink this beverage after a work-out.

Bitburger Drive is a light non-alcoholic beer with an ABV of 0.05%, which also boasts isotonic effects. It’s low in calories with an intense citrus flavour. It’s a popular beverage due to its similarity in taste to “real beer”.

Now, onto the previously mentioned Nanny State. The Brewdog brewery grows more and more every year. Their Punk IPA is wildly popular, especially with gig-goers (I will do a Beer Blog dedicated to Brewdog beers in the near future). The Nanny State sells so well at the Portland that we struggle to keep it in stock. At 0.5%, it’s a copper coloured beer, packed with hops. I honestly think a lot of people don’t actually realise the low-alcohol content. Either that or they don’t care; it tastes that good.

These 3 beers, along with the 0% Kopparberg Mixed Fruits cider, J20s, Appletiser, Fentiman’s Ginger Beer, etc, mean that drivers are no longer limited to Coke, orange juice or lime and soda. I will be looking to extend the “low and no” range in the future; I’ll be sure to keep you guys informed. Until then, drive home safely.