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It’s always been a trend in restaurants to pair wines with certain food dishes, for example a nice glass of Sauvignon Blanc to go with your carbonara. With more and more pubs becoming food-lead, it’s only a matter of time before customers expect the same with craft beer. At the Portland, y’all know we offer a great selection of canned and bottled beers; I thought I would suggest which dishes from our menu pair well with these beers. Think of this blog as a go-to guide when you’re next in the Portland ordering food and fancy a beer to go with it.

Let’s start with my favourite menu item: the Cajun Chicken Burger. The succulent chicken breast is coated in Cajun spices; it’s just tremendous. Adnam’s Dry-Hopped Lager makes a great partner to this dish. The crisp, clean taste of this lager cuts through the subtle spiciness of the Cajun seasoning and refreshes nicely. This lagers pairs well with cheese as well, so why not whack some mature cheddar on your burger n’all.

You’re probably aware that we proudly serve Barrel & Stone Pizzas at the Portland. Beavertown’s Gamma Ray APA is a great shout with any of our pizzas; indeed, the more toppings, the better! The juicy hoppyness compliments the pizza crust nicely. I would personally go with The Works: salami, ham and fennel sausage. Can’t go wrong.

That old British favourite Bangers and Mash goes great with Dutch brewery Kees’ Mosaic Hop Explosion. The intensity of Cambridge Quality Meat’s classic pork sausages stands up to the hoppy, bitter characteristics of this tremendous IPA.

Speaking of British favourites, our beer-battered Fish and Chips goes great with Hoegaarden: “the original Belgian wheat beer”. This wonderful witbier enhances the salinity of the fish, while also cleansing your palate.

Our top-seller at the Portland is, of course the Portland Big One: our homemade 6oz steak burger topped with cheddar, bacon, hash browns and onion rings. A proper, hearty meal like this goes great with De Molen’s Achtung Berry. The rich flavour of the steak mince with the fruity, tart style of this Berliner Weisse brings the savoury taste out in the dish.

Vegetarians need look no further than our Battered Halloumi and Chips, along with Brewdog’s Lost Lager. Pilsners are generally lighter-tasting; therefore go great with dishes like this. Much like with the fish and chips, the Lost Lager enables the wonderful flavour of the Halloumi, while washing your palate to boot.

I hope this blog has given you some inspiration when you’re ordering your food and don’t know which beer to grab with it. If you have had any great experiences pairing food with beer, please swing by and let me know! I’d love to be inspired by yourselves too.


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