December 9, 2018 @ 1:30 pm – 5:30 pm
Richard Rose

R*E*P*E*A*T Presents
Vibration ep Launch Party
with support from
Soundwave, Level Up, Queen Dogs, RedX and The Daze
Cambridge Portland Arms, Sunday 9th December, 2-5pm.
(A Young Performers Extravaganza)

Cambridge seems to be awash with talented, motivated and exciting young performers, as if they were washed in from the fens along the Cam.
Whether it be the Junction Fivers or Young Performers gigs at The Portland Arms and Relevant Records, the demand to play seems endless and the enthusiasm of audiences infectious. Even national radio has been eager to get in on the act, broadcasting releases recorded by school kids in local sheds.
Recently a number of even younger bands have sprung to notice. Prominent amongst there are Vibration, straight outta Histon louder than a road race on the A14.
Forming while in Year 5 at Primary School, these 3 boys have just started big school. However they’ve been making big noises for a whole lot longer. Churning out quality compositions faster than I can type this text, they recorded their debut ep (tentatively entitled ‘Brainbomb’ or perhaps ‘Instant Pressure’) at R*E*P*E*A*T’s Big Badger studios over the summer holidays, aged just 11. The tracks pack energy, melody, harmony, heartfelt lyrics and spiky guitars: reference points include Green Day, Nirvana and Feeder, but they also bristle with originality and inventiveness.
The band are already planning their first album.
To launch this precocious musical assault, the band are holding an all ages release party at Cambridge Portland Arms on the afternoon of Sunday December 9th, and they’ve invited some of the best of the rest of young local talent to join them. So, support so far comes from Cambridge’s Level Up and Soundwave, along with Queen Dogs, RedX and The Daze, all from Bury St Edmunds (“Rock City”), some of whom are considerably younger than their hosts.
The Vibration ep should be available to buy on the night, and it will also be able to buy online from and https://repeatfanzine.bandcamp.com/ and to stream from usual digital distributors.

The gig runs from 2-5pm and is open to all ages; however kids need to be accompanied by responsible adults, while adults need to be accompanied by reckless kids.

Entry is free, with a collection for Love Music Hate Racism.
If you believe that kids these days don’t love rock’n’roll, come and have a listen and be prepared to have your brain bombed!