August 3, 2016 @ 8:00 pm – 11:00 pm
£5 Door
Pete Bassett

The SoapGirls , like their music are.. raw, gutsy, innovative and exciting.

Born in Paris France they relocated to South Africa,starting out as street performers in Capetown at the young age of 8/9 years old, while selling homemade soap and donating proceeds to charity (Hence their name The SoapGirls),soon progressing to being a successful pop act, and by the age 15/16 were signed to International label Universal Records South Africa, who released their debut album – ‘Xperience’. A more poppy/dance era of the girls musical journey, that gave them the Top 5 Hits ‘Sour’, Hurricane, In Your Arms and ‘Lucky Tonight’ and subsequent exposure on a number of major South African TV shows/compilation cd’s and National Tours. After four years, they simply could not grasp what the “TSG Movement” had became, outgrowing their pop personas, yearning freedom of expression, and so cut ties to their early days of stardom and went full-throttle into crafting their own unique sound. Their debut release as this new animal was the critically acclaimed 2015 album ‘Calls for Rebellion’ featuring 16 tracks blending Grunge, Punk and Rock ‘n’ Roll

Get ready to be taken on a journey that will feed your mind, your body and your soul and be consumed by the sheer musical ruthlessness and uncompromising attitude of The SoapGirls!


Check out The SoapGirls’ new single ”Bad Bitch” which has just been released and is available NOW for digital download.





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