November 15, 2018 @ 7:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Laura Cameron

This production discusses sensitive material surrounding sexual violence and contains strong language.

Title: Public House 2

‘do you know what a pub is?
yeah, a public house
exactly: public’

The Old Vag Club is doing a second production of ‘Public House’, an
interactive play that uses excerpts from verbatim stories of sexual
harassment, abuse, and assault to create an immersive theatre piece
about the pervasive nature of sexual violence in our society.

Much of the play is devised during the rehearsal process, and actors are
free to share their own experiences and include them in the play. We
attempt to make this a collaborative and safe experience for everyone
involved and many of the 30 or so contributors and actors who
participated in the first production said they felt a sense of catharsis
in sharing their experiences and having them be taken seriously.

Reviews from the 2017 Performance:

– ‘The atmosphere was so charged with the implication: you are watching
this happen and you’re not doing anything. You can’t be neutral when
people are getting hurt.’ (The Tab)

– ‘I can’t wind up Public House with a conclusive statement because
that’s not the point. I think it was a brilliantly done, fervent,
eloquent show that drained me of all my resources just in being privy to
it and I’m so glad it happened.’ (The Tab)

– ‘Put on at this time, Public House is a moving and very important
show; looking at the huge interest shown by the audience, I hope that it
will be put on again – it deserves repeating.’ (TCS)

– Listed in Varsity’s Top Ten Theatre Highlights of 2017

** 50% of proceeds to be donated to the Cambridge Rape Crisis Centre **