April 21, 2019 all-day
Free before 7pm, £5 after
Emma Hanid

Join us for a 12-hour eggstravaganza of what is in store for you on our stage at this year’s Strawberry Fair.
Not only will the Supertunes residents satisfy your every need, but we will be welcoming some very special guests, so make sure to come along and get a glimpse into the SuperStrawberry world.

It’s worth mentioning that this event will be a fundraiser that specifically raises money for something quite special.
We have decided this year to up-the-game in terms of sound quality and will be hiring a very, VERY NICE sound system.
Your pennies and pounds will ensure this happens, so please come along and support our efforts… plus have a great time at the nicest party in town.

See you there. It’s bound to be eggcellent!!