August 22, 2018 @ 7:00 pm – 11:00 pm
£9.90 adv including fees
Green Mind

“Loner that she is, Heynderickx tends to turn her incisive gaze inward, writing from the feelings in her heart and the visions in her head. When other people do surface in her songs, they appear almost as faceless silhouettes—like in the aptly titled “No Face,” where an aloof partner leaves Heynderickx to wonder what about her is so wrong. “Jo” names its subject, but captures her in uncertain terms, with only the tense of the lyrics suggesting that she’s no longer around. Heynderickx demurs when it comes to the specifics, instead using metaphorical language to capture Jo through the fuzzy, romantic lens of memory: Her kindness was “like honeycomb holding the bee in the folds.”

More animate are the characters Heynderickx invents to keep herself company. In her “Untitled God Song,” she imagines her creator as a vision in knockoff Coach, conjuring sunsets when she forgets to shut off her headlights. Heynderickx writes here with an expansive, inclusive understanding of feminine perfection that feels uplifting, even if the theism that frames it is inaccessible to some listeners. The specimens that populate “The Bug Collector” are among her most imaginative: a vindictive centipede, a priest reincarnated as a praying mantis, and a grumpy millipede, personified by brass voices that banter with Heynderickx’s spry guitar as she tries to remove them from her home, lest they ruin her loved one’s “perfect morning.”” Pitchfork

Under 18s must be accompanied by an adult