October 27, 2021 @ 8:00 pm – 11:00 pm
£6 adv
Crushing Death
The 5 members of Fuzzy Lights, some seated, some standing, in a woodland setting
For the first confirmed CD&G gig since the beginning of lockdown, it is perhaps fitting to feature a group somewhat intertwined with this organisation and who have also been out of action for a while…
After a long, long, 8 year break since their last record, Cambridge fried-folk combo Fuzzy Lights are back with a stunningly weighty new LP Burials. Last seen in town acting as Damo Suzuki’s soundcarriers, the group have fully utilised the power of improvisation to transform raw and personal pieces from songwriter Rachel Watkins into thunderous jams with the ominousness of a balancing rock. Taking inspiration from the first wave of British folk-rock, minimalist prog-pop, and dark drone-doom, Fuzzy Lights have created a collection of tunes cut free from the constraints of time, creating the possibility of a set of broadsides rediscovered at the birth of heavy metal and refiltered through years of post-rock, kosmische, and apocalyptic folk. Extricated from deep in the earth, Burials will send you right back into the loam.
Large Plants is the new project of Jack Sharp, former singer guitarist from psych-folk luminaries Wolf People. Suddenly without a band and faced with the enforced lockdown of Summer 2020, Jack set up a studio in a friends’ old barn in Bedfordshire and created a tonne of post-apocalyptic biker-rock. The sound of Large Plants is a shaking invocation of post-civilisation dread. An end of the world doom-folk party imbued with the rich vein of bucolic sorrow that Sharp’s vocal never fails to convey.