April 12, 2020 @ 7:00 pm – 11:00 pm
£8.25 including booking fee in advance
Green Mind

Support Alzheimer’s Research UK, the country’s leading dementia research charity, and enjoy two brilliant bands at the same time. Jude Clarke is running the London Marathon for the charity, and all profits will go to her fundraising account. Until we find a cure, one in three people born today will go on to develop dementia. Help make breakthroughs possible and have a great evening at the same time.


A covers band – but much cooler than that implies – Cambridge five-piece Sugarbeat play the songs that you actually loved across the last four decades, not just the ones that your nan likes to dance to at a wedding. From spiky 70s post-punk to perky Britpop bangers, impeccable indie rock to the most glorious bits of glam, genre is less important than greatness in their brilliantly-curated playlist. You’ll sing along till you’re hoarse, you’ll clap and cheer and you’ll dance. Just not like your nan.

Shoot the Pianist

Having come of age during the punk and new wave era, Shoot the Pianist celebrate this period by bringing you high-energy classics from a vast array of bands that first performed them: hard-edged sounds of the time, delivered with passion and commitment. The Clash, The Jam, The Rezillos, Iggy, The Ramones, Joy Division, The Buzzcocks, Roxy, Bowie, The Blockheads get the picture?